YOW! SGP/HK 2017 John Sullivan - A Presentation to Myself on Organisational Agile Transformations

Published on: Thursday, 5 October 2017

Dear Self, in your career you’re going to lead large scale transformation projects all aimed at developing companies into killer Agile delivery environments. Now I have access to a time machine I’m able to teleport myself back to a time just before I embark on those journeys and I can give myself the value of hindsight! If I let myself go ahead without advising me, then I’ll think an Agile transformation is about the adoption of a process and over time I’ll learn it’s not! I’ll think that architecture and architects are irrelevant and they aren’t! For too long I’ll ignore the significance of diverse teams and culture! I’ll start the transformation process in the technical teams and build out to the wider organisation which is just flawed! I’ll try to eradicate project management, plans, managers, architects, and standards….. Oh, there is just so much to tell me!

This presentation talks about approaches for building new delivery teams, advice on how to make existing teams more effective and insights on approaches which have been used to transform organisations.

A leader, transformer, creator, and developer of diverse delivery teams, John has worked in IT for over 30 years. Over the last 15+ years, whilst at ThoughtWorks, Sensis, Jetstar, MYOB and now Vicinity Centres, his focus has been on building new and transforming existing delivery teams to become ones that other organisations aspire to emulate. John has been one of the instigators and leaders of the agile cultural revolution which has transformed software delivery today in Australia. He believes in building a great IT industry and currently concentrates on improving its image, providing pathways for people to move into this industry with the aim of making it stronger for it to support the increasing needs of the future.

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