Published on: Friday, 16 June 2017

YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE: Living as a holobiont in the Anthropocene. Genome. Microbiome. Hologenome?

Speaker: Adeline Seah

This talk will wander through evolution, gut health, social behaviour, extinction, and how, perhaps, the philosophy of immnuology could plunge you into an existential crisis or move you to be more than just a background actor in the story of the Anthropocene (happening right now in theaters everywhere).

Adeline Seah (PhD) is a biologist exploring creative methods for wildlife conservation and outreach. Since 2012, she has collaborated on several turtle conservation projects in Cambodia and Myanmar. She is the founder of Biodiversity Connections, and also co-founder and festival director of the Singapore Eco Film Festival, held for the first time in Nov 2016 to engage and inspire people to make sustainable changes in their lives and to connect with organizations in the environmental sector.

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