Using perspectives for a holistic Agile transformation - Agile Singapore Conference 2016

Published on: Monday, 17 October 2016


Michael Bertrand, Founder and Executive Coach @ epicoaching
Marc-Andre Langlais, Integral facilitator, speaker and executive coach @ epicoaching

Industries worldwide are entering a new era of management and the rules are changing. Planning, setting expectations and work or project assessments are but a portion of a manager's obligation. With the advent of new generations entering the market place managers are now required to be experts in leadership, delegation, focus and alignment.

Everyone uses perspectives, from dawn to dusk and even in dreams. From the time we awake ideas and thoughts are packaged into perspectives.

Perspectives help us with decisions and ultimately guides us in navigating the sea of life. However, we are not alone in this world and for every one person there is a multitude of perspectives.

So who holds the truth for any given situation? Which perspective is the ‘right’ one? This is our belief - the path to truth is the sum all offered perspectives for any given context or situation. Our beliefs and values are what define our limitations in the number of perspectives we can take. Hence it is very difficult for one to hold the whole truth about anything because of these limitations.

Going beyond our limitations is one of the answers towards becoming more creative, innovative and inviting discovery.

If your intention is to adapt and become a great Agile manager, coach or leader; then join us in this interactive presentation.

Come and take part in a session that will stretch and challenge your ability to take different perspectives. It will invite you to have a wider view of what is actually going on and have more insights for more meaningful decisions.

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