Understanding CSS Custom Properties - Talk.JS + Talk.CSS = JSConf.Asia Special!

Published on: Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Speaker: Mike Riethmuller

Custom Properties are still a relatively new feature of CSS. Let me introduce you to the basics, some of the tricks and then show you how to use custom properties in CSS for maintainable large scale applications. Let's dive into some of the challenges of responsive design, global and local scope and theming. If there's time, let's write some code together and explore some of what you can do with custom properties.

Presenter's bio
Hi everyone I'm Mike. I'm a web developer from Australia. I've been working with CSS pretty much since the beginning. I've got a deep appreciation for CSS and lot of experience making it work in large scale applications. I hope to share some of this with you and specifically how you can use custom properties to better manage CSS.

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Recorded by: Huiren Woo

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