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Published on: Friday, 16 June 2017

The Story of Quantified Lunch: from Hacker's Diet to Soylent Powdered Foods(™)

Speaker: Markéta Dolejšová

Experimenting with quantified diets is a popular activity among health enthusiasts, fitness freaks, as well as "life hackers" using various self-tracking devices and apps to get an exact overview of their daily food routines. Since “The Hacker's Diet” manual to manage weight loss through Excel sheets written by Autodesk founder John Walker (2005), the world of data-driven diets moved fast forward. This talk will discuss contemporary trends and issues in quantified diets on the example of the Soylent powdered foods community ( After the talk, we will play around with actual Soylent powders, try various products, and make our own DIY soylent recipes based on our personal dietary preferences. Would you like your powder made of vegan ingredients? Or a sustainable “locavore” Soylent version? A nootropic potion to keep you awake all night long? The Soylent powders and some DIY ingredients will be provided, but BYOStuff too!

Markéta Dolejšová is a food designer and researcher born in Prague; currently based in Singapore. In her work, she uses critical and speculative design methods to question techno-centric promises of digital food cultures and data-driven food lifestyles. Markéta is also a PhD Candidate in the Communication and New Media at the National University of Singapore, where she writes about Design Research through Edible Speculation.

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