The Conversational Web - FOSSASIA 2018

Published on: Saturday, 24 March 2018


- Michael Christen, Founder SUSI AI
- Rasmi Ranjan Mohapatra, Lead Technologist OCBC Bank
- Ken Friedl, Data Scientist Daimler

Moderator: Mario Behling, Co-Founder FOSSASIA

In the Open Conversational Panel we will discuss opportunities for personal assistant applications and Open Source solutions. Similar to the time when graphic user interfaces for the web - the browsers - became popular, we see again a race among predominantly proprietary systems to capture the personal assistant and VUI market. A few Open Source players on the market exist as well. They are often focusing on providing solutions for a niche, using front-end technologies or support the skill creation. They often depend on proprietary components to provide their service. Another development is the implementation of chatbot applications and voice interfaces as an add-on to existing services, apps, IoT, robots, machines as well as cars and even in airplanes. Very few approaches to create intelligent Open Source backends that can be used for internal company services exist. The question is: Just like with the GUI browser web, will openness prevail in the VUI Conversational Web as well? What are the incentives to go open? Is there pressure from the consumer market similar to the browser market? Will we have more mixed solutions? What are the requirements of consumers and producers for cars or airplanes? Is there an argument in regards to security and the danger of connected services that cannot be evaluated? Other questions on the panel are about technologies, architectures and standardization for example of APIs. Lastly we want to talk about the business aspects: What income models exist for such services? How could Open Source startups attract funding and clients? In which niches would Open Source conversational solutions have an advantage? What would be advantages if we consider using the power of the community of creating skills in wiki like platforms and companies making use and collaborating with the community?

Track: Artificial Intelligence
Room: Lecture Theatre
Date: Saturday, 24th March, 2018

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