The age of micro-frontends - Voxxed Days Singapore 2019

Published on: Saturday, 29 June 2019

Speaker: Ritesh Mehrotra (SIA) & Noorulameen (Credit Suisse)

Ritesh is a keen web developer and agile consultant with Singapore Airlines.

He Spends most of his time in agile consulting and technical training with multiple teams, with a focus on microservice and micro-front end development. He is an advocate of XP development practices, and co-organizer of the popular meetup based tech community – “TechTalks”. On a leisure day, you might spot him with a camera on Singapore streets.

Noorul works as a front-end development lead at Credit Suisse.
His interests are Micro Front-ends, Progressive Web Applications and recently started exploring React Native.
He is one of the co-organizers of an active meetup group “Tech Talks” in Singapore.
When he is not programming, he likes to travel and play badminton.

The age of micro-frontends

In recent years, we have done well to evolve from the big monolith, hard to change products, to developing small, independent, specific and highly scalable solutions in form of micro-services. Though one area, that hasn’t witnessed the revolution as yet in the front-end, plagued by complex, unstructured and hard to maintain implementations.

Won’t it be nice if you could develop front-ends with SRP, and as highly decoupled independent features that can be plugged with any web app, be it an age-old monolith, a SPA or PWA? Ever wondered if you could readily combine the powers of Angular, React and Vue in one single application?

Join us to discover the power of micro-frontends and know how?

Proposed Agenda: – What is micro-frontend? – The need for micro-frontend – Advantages and considerations with micro-frontend – Role of web components and custom elements – Micro-frontend design strategies

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