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Published on: Monday, 14 November 2016

Speaker: Data Ninja and YNC Hacks

Hi all, this month, we have team Data Ninja & YNC Hacks, who represented Singapore as the finalist in the Data Science Games at Paris!

The Data Science Game is a Data Science competition organized by the main “Grandes Écoles” of Paris. Teams of students from the best Data Science programs around the world are expected to compete over a “real-world” problem. A first qualifier phase of the competition took place online in June. The 20 best teams were invited for the final phase of the competition, which took place in Paris in September.

The qualifier phase was a image classification challenge and 2 teams from Singapore, Data Ninja (NUS) and YNC Hacks (Yale-NUS) managed to clinch the 9th and 17th spot respectively, earning them the spot to represent Singapore in the final phase in Paris. The final phase is an insurance quote conversion challenge. They managed to rank 5th and 6th in the final phase, just behind teams from Russia, UK, France and Italy.

They will share the approaches they employed in both phases as well as lessons learnt, using both as use cases contrasting deep learning and traditional machine learning techniques.

Data Ninja (NUS):

- David Low Jia Wei: Chief data scientist at a stealth startup, building AI-powered chatbot to disrupt and shape the booming conversational commerce space with Deep NLP.

- Mohamed Jawad: Passionate Data Scientist. Applies advanced analytics and machine learning to Industry use cases. Has keen interest in NLP, recommendation systems and all things data.

- Wang Weimin: Data Scientist, Machine Learning expert with experiences in bioinformatics, advanced analytics and data science competitions like Kaggle.

- Zane Lim Zhi Yuan: Data Scientist, a generalist who dabbles in everything from bayesian statistics to AI.

YNC Hacks (Yale-NUS):

- Muhd Amrullah is a Singaporean entrepreneur and a computer vision expert. He is also known to be the founder of one of ASEAN's leading computer vision company, Facerecog. Currently he is actively working on deep learning and generative models for human facial expressions.

- Sean Saito is a final year computer science student at Yale-NUS College. He is currently doing research in computer vision for his final year project, namely on human activity recognition. Before that, he has dabbled in natural language processing at SAP. He is also founder of Code Gakko, a coding academy for students of all ages that hasoperates in Singapore and the Philippines. Upon request, he can dispense English in a Japanese accent.

- Rohan Naidu is a senior at Yale-NUS studying Physics. He focuses primarily on astrophysics and has done extensive research in New Haven and Chile. Usually the “astro” in astrophysics means astronomy. But as a published poet he sometimes finds himself lost in the fictitious astrology. As champion of the Tata Crucible, he knows everything. Even what you ate for lunch three days ago.

- Gin Ong is a junior at Yale-NUS studying Mathematics. A typical day for Gin lasts around 30 hours, in which she solves wavelet transformations and permutation groups, lifts weights (yeah she lifts bro), dances to jazz and hip-hop, and takes down guys in touch rugby. Oh and she sleeps for three hours.

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