Talking to your driverless car - UXSEA Summit 2018

Published on: Monday, 26 November 2018

Talking to your driverless car: How to design and research interfaces for passenger – robot car conversations

Speaker: Ilker Yengin

We speak 16,000 words per day on average. We also want our technologies to be able to understand our speech. Using conversation and voice to interact with our daily tools will transform the way we live. We use voice as a user interaction interface, because it is useful when hands/vision are occupied, it provides faster results, it is easier than type on certain devices, it is fun/cool and it avoids confusing menu options. UX design will follow the wave and conversational UI will be another form factor and medium.

Conversational interfaces are one of the top 3 trends in 2017 according to the Gartner. We will witness more examples of voice-operated conversation agents in different areas in the future. We will see driverless cars as an application area of a conversational UI that the user can interact with.

In this talk, we will closely discuss the emerging trends of conversational UI design, especially for driverless cars. We will explore the design and research ideas for the communication between a robot car and its passengers. Moreover, this talk will show a roadmap for UX designers and UX researcher in creating, implementing and researching the conversational UIs.

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