🧞‍♂️ Supercharge redux with Immer.js - React Knowledgeable

Published on: Thursday, 7 November 2019

Speaker: Minh Pham

Making the state of your react apps immutable has several upsides (easier to optimize rendering with shouldComponentUpdate for eg). Immutable.js (by Facebook) was the first stab at the problem. However there are a few problems:

- lack of strict typing
- awkward apis

Immer.js one of the few library that has done it right, even earning the high praise of React maintainer https://twitter.com/sebmarkbage/status/1032684851063705600
In this talk, I plan to explain how using immer.js can leads to better code and increase your productivity in a typical React app.

About the speaker

My name is Minh Pham. I am an enterprise engineer from Facebook. Most of the stuffs I built are internal apps that helps with the logistic side of our business. I am a full stack developer but not long ago I spent all of my time in React land.

Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/React-Knowledgeable/events/265344291/

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