Singapore Robot Operating System Meetup

Published on: Monday, 9 September 2019

Speaker: Luca Della Vedova
Topic: Open Vision Computer

The Open Vision Computer is a fully open source smart camera especially tailored for UAV applications and used in the past in the DARPA FLA program. The OVC 3 is the newest revision and includes three global shutter image sensors, two monochrome for stereo and one RGB for recognition, as well as an IMU and GPIO for expansion. It also runs Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS natively.

OVC Link:
Demo Code:

Lightning Talk
Speaker: Ong Jin Yang Brandon
Topic: MOMObot

Brandon was the 2017 president of SUTD Organisation of Autonomous Robotics club, an active contributor to open source and intern at Open Robotics. Sharing developments after a year on MOMObot, a modular autonomous robot open to upgrades.

MOMObot Link:

Produced by: Engineers.SG
Event Page:
Recorded by: Lum Shi En

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