Setting up Open Event Frontend and Open Event Server locally -Sumedh Nimkarde- FOSSASIA 2018

Published on: Saturday, 24 March 2018

Speaker: Sumedh Nimkarde, Developer FOSSASIA

In GSoC 2017, we in a team worked together and built the Open Event Frontend which is totally decoupled from the Open Event Server. Since Open Event is a vast ecosystem, we need to ensure that each and every contributor can set up the project locally for development and can proceed faster towards contribution. Thus, it sometimes gets difficult for beginners to set up the project. In this session, I will show how to set up Open Event Frontend and Open Event Server locally and make the frontend use the local server rather than online hosted version (heroku) so that new contributors can focus on contribution rather than spending their much time in setting up the project.

Track: Open Event Solutions
Room: Training room 2-2
Date: Saturday, 24th March, 2018

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