Selling all the things: Building online payments in JS with Stripe - JSConf.Asia 2019

Published on: Tuesday, 2 July 2019


Paul Asjes @paul_asjes
Thorsten Schaeff @thorwebdev
Chris Trudeau @trudeaucj

Ever wondered how to accept payments online from anywhere in the world with JavaScript? Learn how to build a simple payment system for an online shop using React, Node and vanilla JavaScript from Stripe engineers.

Bring a laptop. Attendees should make sure that they have their favourite code editor, an up-to-date browser as well as NodeJS installed (either LTS or Current)

Paul is a developer support engineer at Stripe by day and a sleepy one at night. He helps companies get set up with Stripe in a variety of languages, but JavaScript is his favourite. He's written a book on Slack bots and likes to spend time underwater when not running around Singapore eating all the things.

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