Rock your Rainbow - Building an Open source Spectrometer - Alessandro Volpato - FOSSASIA Summit 2017

Published on: Saturday, 18 March 2017

Speaker(s): Alessandro Volpato (Berlin)

Scientific research is producing amazing results at high rate. However it is incredibly difficult for non-experts to understand such studies and their implications. The open source technology movement simplifies those concepts and allows the understanding of these works. This enables citizen to answer scientific questions affecting directly their lives. The "Rock your Rainbow" project aims to disassemble already existing open source spectrometers, and re-design the modules to be flexible and compatible with custom built devices. With this tool it is possible to approach spectrometry: simple examples are the analysis of light bulbs emission spectra and its influence on our psycophysical health, or the classification of plant pigments.

(Type: Talk | Track: Hardware & Making | Room: Fermi (Floor 3))

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