Reactive Programming with RxJS, introduction to CycleJS by Benoit Averty

Published on: Friday, 16 June 2017

Reactive programming is not a new concept, but it’s quickly becoming the shiny new toy as its popularity increases thanks to frameworks like Angular2 and ReactJS. Like all new paradigms, reactive programming brings a lot of questions. What is an Observable ? A Subject ? Are observable Lazy ? Synchronous ? Asynchronous ? What are Hot and Cold Observables ? Why is my Observable not doing anything ? In this presentation, I’ll introduce the core concepts of reactive programming independantly of the rest, and try to show that reactive programming is not only the new hype thing. After that, I’ll do a live-coding of an observable from scratch to show that there’s nothing magical in RxJS and that the questions about reactive programming are not so hard to answer. Finally, I’ll introduce CycleJS, a tiny framework that allows people to develop a web application entirely in reactive programming.

Benoit Averty (Zenika)
I’m a consultant, trainer and speaker at Zenika Rennes. I’m passionate about software engineering and I love both frontend and backend development, and I try to always keep in mind software craftsmanship and best practices. My current interests include Functionnal and