Rationale for Relational - Voxxed Days Singapore 2018

Published on: Monday, 11 June 2018

Speaker: Andrew Gregovic (PAYPAL)

Document-oriented, graph databases, column-oriented and other non-traditional data stores are key technologies in the BigData / highly scalable space. Yet, the fundamental questions of what relational databases truly mean, and why they are still relevant are typically very poorly understood. The objective of this talk is to dispel decades of fog, caused by lack of understanding computer science fundamentals and loose definitions and standards across the industry.

Andrew is currently an Architect at PayPal Singapore, working in the Consumer Financial Services team. Most of my technical experience revolves around data/database problems in the context of building scalable, robust and high-performance applications. Also, I enjoy dabbling in machine learning. My colourful expact experiences across Asia-Pacific consist of everything from being a New Zealand startup co-founder to working at large multi-nationals and everything in between.

After moving around a lot around I am finding Singapore to be my favourite place and I hope I’ll move less in the future. Obviously due of the best chicken rice in the world, as that’s essentially the only thing that matters in life – chicken rice. And, arguably, durian.