Python in the MicroServices world - PyConSG 2016

Published on: Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Speaker: Hari Krishnan

Where does Python fit in when it comes to MicroServices architecture? This talk will be about sharing my learnings as a Polyglot Developer about which languages suit best to build different types of MicroServices. With examples and real world scenarios I hope to make this session an introduction to MicroServices architecture from a Python Developer's point of view.

Below are some of the rough high level areas I plan to talk about.

What is MicroServices architecture and why should I care as a Python Developer?
How does Python fit in?
Example: how to build an all Python Microservices application
Does it make sense to use Python everywhere?
Getting Python to talk to other languages a. Communication - HTTP b. Message Queues c. Unified Logging
Scaling a Python MicroService
Libraries that can help
Monitoring a MicroServices Application

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