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Published on: Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Speaker: Erik

Architectures based on microservices have spread rapidly in the past few years. Organisations are drawn to the promise of independent evolvability, which allows to reduce cycle time and scale development. At the same time in many software solutions the majority of the codebase is now running in the web browser, which leads to an often underestimated challenge: the software design of the frontends. All too often teams have well-structured services running on the servers but a big, entangled monolith in the browser.

In this talk Erik describes a number patterns, harvested from practical use, that allow teams to avoid the dreaded frontend monolith, and build software solutions that fully deliver on the promise of microservices. The patterns range from the simple, using edge-side includes to do dynamic, yet cacheable, server-side composition to the complex, including an example of how to compose a React application inside the web-browser.

About Erik:
Erik Dörnenburg is a software developer, consultant, and Head of Technology at ThoughtWorks, where he helps clients with writing custom software. Over the years Erik has worked with many different technologies and technology platforms, always curious to understand the potential they offer to solve real-world problems. Having seen a fair share of overly complex architectures he became interested in exploring simplicity in design and software visualisation as a way to make architecture more understandable.

Erik's career began in the early nineties and throughout he has been an advocate of agile values and open source software. Over the past ten years he has spoken at many international conferences, contributed to a few books, and maintained several open source projects. He holds a degree in Informatics from the University of Dortmund and has studied Computer Science and Linguistics at University College Dublin.

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