p≡p ≡ pretty Easy privacy: making privacy the default for everyone - Sva - FOSSASIA Summit 2017

Published on: Sunday, 9 April 2017

Speaker(s): sva (Europe)

p≡p stands for pretty Easy privacy: We are easing the use of well-known
and established end-to-end cryptographic tools for already existing and
widely used written digital communication. Ultimately, p≡p wants to
change the default: from unencrypted, unverified and unanonymized to
encrypted, verified and anonymized. 

Our mission: With p≡p we automate all the steps to protect your personal
security and privacy by default. p≡p supports multiple platforms,
multiple languages, multiple crypto technologies and multiple message
transports. We offer a 100% Peer-to-Peer, End-to-End and device based
secure synchronization of keys and configuration, all free and open
source, and audited. 

Development wise we provide very simple APIs to allow for easy
integration of p≡p into application programming.

(Type: Talk | Track: Security and Privacy | Room: Faraday (Floor 3))

Event Page: http://2017.fossasia.org

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