Opentech in Singapore -Teo Ser Luck- FOSSASIA 2018

Published on: Thursday, 22 March 2018

Speaker: Teo Ser Luck

FOSSASIA summit had helped brought awareness of Open Source technologies to the general public and enabled collaboration between professionals in the area of ICT (Information &amp Communications Technology). Echoing the Singapore Government’s focus in the developing Singapore's E-commerce and digital economy organisations such as FOSSASIA plays an important role as the melting pot for businesses software developers and government agencies to innovate ICT solutions. Open Source technology can benefit local businesses and workforce. FOSSASIA summit 2018 will cover emerging technologies such as Natural Language Processing using Artificial Intelligence and Distributed technologies like Blockchain thereby opening up new digital frontiers for Singapore SMEs (Small and Medium enterprise) workforce development and Public services. Only because the code is open we are able to talk about it. Open code is a wonderful present to the community. 

Date: Thursday, 22nd March, 13:05 - 13:15
Room: Lecture Theatre
Track: Open Source in Business

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