NUS Hackers - Friday Hacks #185: Succinct proofs for scaling computation on the blockchain

Published on: Friday, 15 November 2019

Speaker: Ying Tong

Verifying block transactions is computationally intensive and creates a throughput bottleneck for blockchain nodes. One area of active research in blockchain scalability is verifiable computation: this is where heavy computations are outsourced to a third-party, yet can still be verified remotely by a light client with limited resources. It works by requiring third-parties to produce succinct proofs of their computations: "succinct" because they can be verified using only a fraction of the proving time. We will explore two constructions, "Rollup" and "Rollup Non-Custodial", which use SNARKs (succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge) to verifiably outsource computation on the blockchain.

Speaker Profile

Ying Tong is a Physics graduate student at NUS. She also works as a researcher at the Centre for Quantum Technologies and the Ethereum Foundation. She's interested in cryptography, p2p and privacy.

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Recorded on: 8 November 2019
Produced by Engineers.SG
Recorded by: NUS Hackers

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