Non-native English speakers in OS communities: A True Story - Masayuki Igawa - FOSSASIA 2017

Published on: Saturday, 18 March 2017

Speaker(s): Masayuki Igawa (@masayukig), Dong Ma (@wintermadong), Samuel de Medeiros Queiroz (@samueldmq_)

The primary language of most open source projects is English, but open source users and contributors span the globe. Non-native speakers face many communication challenges when participating in the ecosystem. In this talk, as non-native English speakers and contributors to OpenStack projects and its community, we will share our experiences and some best practices for coping as and including non-native speakers in your project.This talk will include:* Common issues for non-native English speakers* Tips for avoiding and resolving these issues* Suggestions for effective communication

(Type: Talk | Track: DevOps | Room: Dalton Hall (Floor 3))

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