ng2, yarn & webpack2 in JHipster 4 by Sendil Kumar N

Published on: Friday, 16 June 2017

So what is JHipster ?
JHipster is a full stack application generator that boots up Spring Boot + Angular (both 1 and 4). It also includes micro services / CI-CD and tons of other features to help developers.
Come and join me on the session, where we will create a blog application with Spring Boot and Angular 4 and host it live in a Cloud. We will also discuss on the steps that we took to convert from Angular 1 to Angular 4, migration from gulp to Webpack.
You can find more information about JHipster @

Sendil Kumar N (JHipster dev team member)
JHipster core dev team member. Developer / Tech consultant by day, Passionate about emerging technologies, Open Source contributor and JavaScript Evangelist.