Mesos vs Kubernetes vs Swarm: Fight! by Christophe Furmaniak

Published on: Friday, 16 June 2017

Nowadays, the best strategy to put your containerized applications in production is to rely on a container orchestrator. But which one should you use? This talk will demystify the notion of container orchestrator and will compare some of them among the well known: Mesos, Kubernetes and Swarm. The main topics we will deal with are: what are the benefits of orchestrators, what are the potential constraints regarding the way you will need to develop your applications in an orchestrator context.

Christophe Furmaniak (Zenika)
DevOps Culture Architect at Zenika. I’m a passionate developer with a declared sensitivity for the complete lifecycle of applications, from the developer workstation to the deployment onto the production environment. I enjoy speaking about configuration management for the platforms and the applications, about the development of distributed application in hybrid environments (IaaS/PaaS/Legacy) and about hypervision (centralization and visualisation of metrics, logs and alerts generated by platforms and applications)