Marvels of functional programming: Launching Iron man with monads - Voxxed Days Singapore 2019

Published on: Saturday, 29 June 2019

Speaker: Anil Thaplar (Citi)

Anil Thaplar is VP, lead engineer with tremendous Exuberance for typed functional programming. He is developing purely functional solutions with Scala cats library at Citigroup, Singapore. He wants to spread his passion for functional programming. Scala language newsletter, Scalatimes has raved his blog on functional programming. He is passionate about community work and served as an organizer for Erlang meetup in Singapore.

Marvels of functional programming: Launching Iron man with monads

Monads have made there way in every modern programming languages yet monads have the reputation of “difficult to comprehend”. In this talk, I am seeking to change that notion. Monads are simple abstractions we will explore by composing marvels and functional programming, with a marvels case study, gradually unpacking concepts such as expressions, sum types, effects programming, composition, and monads. It is imperative for a programmer especially wanting to program in a functional paradigm to develop a solid understanding of monads.
Javascript, Java, C#, Scala, Kotlin and plethora of others have monads. Just to name a few,

A Promise in Javascript is a continuation monad.
LINQ in C# is heavily based on sequence monad.
Java has optional and Streams as monads.
In Scala, every Type supporting for-comprehension is a monad.
We will discover Marvels Adventure is Marvels ﹥﹥﹦Functional programming, where ﹥﹥﹦ is a monadic bind operator.

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