Making Money with FOSS - FOSSASIA 2018

Published on: Friday, 23 March 2018

- Chris Van Tuin, Chief Technologist Red Hat
- Dušan Stojanović, Founder and Director True Global Ventures
- Mario Behling, Co-Founder FOSSASIA
- Meng Weng Wong, Co-Founder

Moderator: Roland Turner, Organizer FOSSASIA

Are you worried about how you can pay bills if you spend your time developing free and open-source software (F/OSS)? Can it be done profitably?

Ways to make money from the creation of closed software are well understood and widespread most notably through:

For developers who would like to make money developing free and open-source software (F/OSS) - whether as employees or as entrepreneurs - it is tempting to try to start with one of these models and stretch it to fit however neither of these models is even remotely suitable for F/OSS because both start by denying fundamental freedoms to share modify or even access the software's source code. It is easy to forget that neither of these models was obvious at the dawn of computing they both had to be invented and they're not the only ways to do it. The good news is that developing F/OSS is not intrinsically incompatible with making a living people have been doing it for decades. The really great news is that dozens of ways of doing it have now been developed and widely used. This panel will explore several specific examples with panellists from quite different backgrounds.

Room: Lecture Theatre
Track: Open Source in Business
Date: Friday, 23rd March, 11:00 - 11:50

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