Machine Learning for Smart Cities - Truc Viet Le - FOSSASIA 2018

Published on: Sunday, 25 March 2018

Speaker: Truc Viet Le

Urban computing is the process of acquisition, integration and analysis of big and heterogeneous data generated by diverse sources in urban spaces to tackle the major issues that cities face today and in the future. In other words, the goal of urban computing is to help us understand the nature of urban phenomena and make cities "smarter". An example of which is how autonomous vehicles would transform the future of urban mobility. This talk surveys the fundamental concepts, methods and problems in urban computing. I particularly focus on the methods of machine learning and data visualization for urban computing research and practice. I finally introduce a generic machine learning solution framework based on spatiotemporal data to solve urban computing problems with real-world applications in urban transportation and law enforcement.

Track: Artificial Intelligence
Room: Event Hall 2-1
Date: Sunday, 25th March, 2018

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