Low cost functional prosthetic devices - Darin Lobo - FOSSASIA Summit 2017

Published on: Saturday, 18 March 2017

Speaker(s): Darin Lobo (Singapore)

The Prosthetic arm project is about building prosthetic arms that are functional, can be controlled by the mind directly or indirectly, and that can provide a tactile feeling by sending signals back to the brain. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 40 million amputees throughout the developing world, but only about 5% of them have access to any form of prosthetic devices or assistance. The average prosthetic arm can cost between 3000 and 30000 dollars and many of these devices are not functional and are purely cosmetic. Thus I am trying to develop low cost prosthetic devices that are effective and are low in cost.

(Type: Talk | Track: Health Tech | Room: Fermi (Floor 3))

Event Page: http://2017.fossasia.org

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