Live Coding: Augmented Reality Game with ARKit - iOS Conf SG 2019

Published on: Sunday, 20 January 2019

Speaker: Christian Grail ,

Christian has developed numerous Augmented and Virtual Reality apps for Enterprise scenarios for example to visualize big data in 3D and make data tangible. In this talk Christian will develop during the talk an Augmented Reality game based on Apples ARKit. The scenario is based in a galaxy far, far away. During the talk he will also describe how Augmented Reality works today and what the current limitations are. He will finish the talk with an outlook of what he expects to happen in the industry in the next years and what we can expect from future Augmented Reality technologies.

About the Speaker

Christian is a Development Architect at SAP in Germany. With the SAP Design team he works on frontrunner projects in the Enterprise space.

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