Let's Make Technology more Inclusive - Bunnie Huang - FOSSASIA Summit 2017

Published on: Friday, 17 March 2017

Speaker(s): Bunnie Huang (Singapore), Chibitronics PTE LTD

As society and technology become more deeply intertwined, society is taking interest in -- and influencing -- nuanced technological issues, ranging from net neutrality, to the selection of emojis, to the enforcement of open source licenses. The FOSS community takes for granted the values of open source, but the benefits can be difficult to explain to those who are not empowered to utilize the source. This talk examines some of the cultural and technological barriers that have stymied inclusiveness, using gender imbalance as a case study. Finally, we propose a solution which we call "Love to Code", which attempts to address the issue of inclusiveness in technology.

(Type: Talk | Track: Open Tech | Room: Annexe Hall (Ground Floor))

Event Page: http://2017.fossasia.org

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