Lessons From Becoming an SDK Developer - iOS Conf SG 2019

Published on: Sunday, 20 January 2019

Speaker: Oscar Swanros , pspdfkit.com

In this talk, Oscar will share what his experience has been in the transition from being an app developer to become an SDK developer at PSPDFKit: what it has taught him, the challenges he has faced, and how it made him a better engineer. He will outline some simple tips and tricks from the SDK developer perspective that can help any iOS developer, even if they’re not developing an SDK themselves.

About the Speaker

Oscar has 8 years of experience working with iOS technologies — most of that time, remotely from México. He is currently working on the most advanced PDF SDK for iOS, Android and the Web.

Oscar is passionate about teaching and music, as well as programming topics.

Event URL: http://iosconf.sg/

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