Learning tools for Hearing impaired children using OS web applications - Guruswany - FOSSASIA 2017

Published on: Saturday, 18 March 2017

Speaker(s): Guruswamy Revana (Hyderabad)

The project deals with developing various mobile applications (Apps) using free and open-source web application for hearing impaired children. The work has been done in association with a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called SAHI, Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired which is part of Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. SAHI supports the hearing impaired kids for Cochlear implant surgery so that the kids audibility increases. After the surgery audio therapy is given to kids for better understanding of the surrounding world. By using free and open source web applications, MIT App Inventor, various mobile Apps have been developed for the better learning of the kids. The learning of the impaired kids have been cleared explained by the special teachers to the developers. This made to develop Apps more clearly, concisely and perfectly. Different Apps were done keeping in the view of international standard of teaching to special kids who are hearing impaired. The Apps developed covered variety of topics such as Early Vocabulary,Vehicle and Voice Sounds, Syllable Length Word (in English and local languages - Hindi and Telugu), Discriminate Consonant, Same Length Words (in English and local languages - Hindi and Telugu), Leaning by Manner, Learning of Colors, Learning various Poems (in English and local languages - Hindi and Telugu) and explaining short Stories(in English and local languages - Hindi and Telugu). The Apps have been done in both English and native languages too keeping in view of the therapy requested by the kid's parents. Tests are also included in the Apps to know the level of learning. During initial stages, suggestions were given by audiologists, special teachers and counselors. After continuous and rigorous reviews and feedbacks, the apps developed had become satisfactory to all the special trainers and was ready to use. They were given to the challenged kids for testing as a part of their learning. The results found by the teachers were astounding. Children are showing more interest to learn on mobile rather than book. The duration of attention towards learning of the kid has drastically improved. Teachers training the special kids are very happy with this m-learning (Mobile learning). Parents too found it to be amazing as their kids show more interest towards learning through mobile. Also, now they are very much comfortable to train the kids at their homes by using these Apps. The parents are very excited to get all these learning Apps shared to their mobiles. It is a great feeling of satisfaction to see kids interested to learn and the parents with bright smile on their face. This all happened by developing learning Apps of open-source software. Over all it's an awesome experience !!

(Type: Talk | Track: Health Tech | Room: Fermi (Floor 3))

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