Introduction to Virtual Kubelet - Ria Bhatia - FOSSASIA 2018

Published on: Sunday, 25 March 2018

Speaker: Ria Bhatia

Kubernetes has won the orchestration war but now how-to developers build production ready code with Kubernetes? Standalone Kubernetes still requires a layer of management and Kubernetes alone isn’t the answer developers are looking for. 

Times are changing - Virtual Machines are too slow, too heavy weight and frankly expensive for some customers workloads. This is where containers fill the gap for flexibility, scalability, light-weight infrastructure matched with a per-second billing model, customers get exactly what they pay for. You could run a container on a VM - but this is a huge waste of “space” when you think about how much compute you actually need versus the amount of time you are running the job for. Azure Container Instances and other pods as a service platforms like or Fargate from Amazon, is the story for flexible billing, instant compute power and efficiency within the cloud. Now customers can provision as many light weight containers as they want and have fast start up times with one command. This changes the game for deploying infrastructure. Developers have an easier job of provisioning and deploying their infrastructure and only have to worry about their direct customer interactions and content, with their applications.

Track: Cloud, Container, DevOps
Room: Event Hall 1-1
Date: Sunday, 25th March, 2018

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