Interactive 3D Web Mapping - JSConf.Asia 2019

Published on: Tuesday, 2 July 2019


Dylan Babbs @dbabbs
Ignacio Julve Castro

In this workshop, get your hands dirty with a new web-based, open-source, 3D map visualization framework from HERE.
You’ll learn how to:
- Build and integrate high-performing and visually appearing 3D maps into your web applications
- Customize the look and feel of your map to match your organization’s look and feel
- Store and manage your geodata in the cloud with HERE XYZ in order to visualize it on a map
- Develop compelling data visualizations with existing visualization layers and a data-driven styling grammar
- Visualize complex 3D objects on a map

Bring a laptop. Have a recent web-browser, Git and NodeJS installed together with npm, yarn, and lerna.

Dylan is a Product Manager for HERE Technologies in Seattle, WA working on APIs and developer tools for location-based technologies and maps. Dylan is interested in tools and techniques for visualization on the web and enjoys working with React.

Ignacio is an Engineering Manager at HERE Technologies, where he focusses on Cloud Services and Web Rendering. He is a strong advocate on being close to the real problems and getting his hands dirty. Trying always to face issues from the customer point of view so that the team works on the right topics.

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