Innovate or Die Trying - Agile Singapore Conference 2016

Published on: Monday, 17 October 2016

Innovate or Die Trying - A newspaper company's plan for survival

Speaker: Paul Flewelling (@theagilecoachnz), Agent of change. Team host. Hypothesis driven doer. @ Fairfax Media

As a print based media company we maintained our competitive advantage through the printing press, a multi-million dollar proposition which few could afford in order to enter our market and compete against us.

With the advent of the internet and advances in related technology, this all changed.

Using our own case study as an example, the key aim is to get people thinking about innovation, its different approaches and why it’s essential to a company’s betterment and survival.

About the speaker

Paul is an Agile Coach based in Wellington, NZ. He's been involved in software product development for 24 years.

Paul began looking for a better way of delivering software after working on a complex project that met all the requirements, ticked all of the QA boxes, but still failed to deliver what the customer needed.

After two Lean startups, one his own, and a stint at an Agile development shop and consultancy, Paul joined Fairfax Media in search of a bigger challenge. He believes he's found it.


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