Improving fault detection & real time detailed analytics with Telemetry - Sudheesh - FOSSASIA 2017

Published on: Saturday, 18 March 2017

Speaker(s): Sudheesh Singanamalla (Bangalore)

The talk focuses on how developers and startups (Web / Machine Learning / Data Science / Services) can use Python/Node/Javascript along with the PaaS, IaaS offerings of Microsoft Azure to build applications and easily deploy them in a few clicks to Microsoft Azure. The talk will showcase rapid web development with flask and angular and setup of the project, development and deployment of the web applications to azure websites. It’ll also showcase running background tasks and time based tasks like triggers using Azure webjobs and webservices. This talk will be beneficial to startups and enterprises which aim to build robust and reliable engineering systems and will be using the Azure Application Insights service to showcase how the tool can help with quick fault detections and out of the box features for user demographics and behaviour. Having such telemetry and notification features in place will help find faults as they happen. The talk will be a showcase on how Microsoft does IT for maintaining and running applications with high availability and low errors.The entire talk and demos would be done using open source tools like Python tools for Visual Studio (PTVS), Node tools for Visual Studio (NTVS) while showcasing capabilities like using multiple virtual environments, built in debuggers a powerful IDE. All the SDKs for Application insights are available open source on the Microsoft github.

(Type: Talk | Track: Startup and Business Development | Room: Einstein (Floor 3))

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