How to run your transformation right - Voxxed Days Singapore 2019

Published on: Saturday, 29 June 2019

Speaker: Giom Duquesnay (Giom Consulting)

Giom is a natural born nerd hiding as an Agile coach. Never comfortable in the comfort zone, he puts himself into stupid life experiments, learning new skills, or new hobbies.

He loves to think over the boundaries, mixing tinkering, communication, business, hobbies, games, etc. He wants to find some simpler truths that connect them.

He tries to share as much as he can by coaching others and by sharing my learnings in public workshops and conferences.

Originally from France, he is based in Singapore working as an independent consultant and coach.

How to run your transformation right

So many Agile Transformations drags and struggle. If you’re through a Transformation, could you describe its strategy? What’s the plan? If the only audible strategy is “let’s go Agile!” (aka wishful thinking) and the plan “roll out Agile across the organisation” (like a Windows upgrade), this is going to drag.

Habits, processes, politics, legal, etc., a random deck is stacked against you. The outcome is sad. The stretch of keeping the old while doing the new, the change fatigue is real and takes a huge toll on the people in the organisation. How’s your attrition rate by the way?

Us, Agile evangelist/managers/ directors, should have some strategic tools to manage the Agile « shock wave » in our organisations. There are real examples out there that tell us we can do better. There are approaches that have shown more effective. In this session, we will refer to the one I found most effective, 8 steps for leading change proposed by J.Kotter. We will cover * how to set up a strategy instead of a plan * change leaders Do and Don’t * how to see if your transformation is going well * patterns and anti-patterns of transformation.

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