How to protect your company culture while growing? - Voxxed Days Singapore 2019

Published on: Saturday, 29 June 2019

Speaker: Carl Azoury (Zenika)

Carl is the CEO of Zenika, an IT Consulting and Training company which he co-founded in 2006, after being a software developer for most of his career.

12 years later, Zenika now has close to 500 employees spread across 9 offices in France, Singapore and Canada. It has a unique company culture and has been awarded number 1 great place to work in France for companies with less than 500 employees.
Carl wants to disrupt the model of the IT companies and leads the « Coding the World » project. He is well recognized as one of the most visionary Tech CEOs in France. He is passionate about topics such as Innovation, Professional open source, and work-life balance in the Corporate world.

How to protect your company culture while growing?

Zenika was created 10 years ago and now has around 500 employees across the globe. It has been a long way and our employees have always been afraid of seeing our company growing. At the time we had thirty employees, our employees already had discussions about the fact that we should be afraid of growing too fast.

I always wondered why until I understood it’s not about the size but for a deeper reason. In fact, when you feel comfortable with the company culture, you are afraid to loose what you have, and the size of the company is one of the reasons that can change its culture and values.

My advice is not to focus on the size, but on the culture, how to maintain it, how to detect when things could change…

In this talk I will share our experience, what worked and did not work in total transparency (transparency being one of our company values).

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