High-performance web apps using HTTP/2 by Owais Zahid

Published on: Friday, 16 June 2017

This session talks about how HTTP 2 can be used to create modern high performance web and mobile applications. HTTP 2 is a major version of HTTP protocol and introduces many important features. I will also demonstrate how to setup your application with HTTP 2 and utilize it to full potential.

Owais Zahid (Autodesk)
Owais Zahid works @ Autodesk as a Senior UI Developer. He is a certified Scrum Master and divides his time between working as his team’s Scrum Master and developing the next generation user interface of Fusion Lifecycle. Owais has over 12 years’ programming experience developing software in multiple programming languages. He holds a Master of Science degree from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences. When not creating cool user interfaces, Owais is a frequent contributor to the Autodesk Engineering blogs and spends his free time programming in the genre of 3D game programming and AR.