Hibernate you know it… but actually you don’t by Emmanuel Bernard

Published on: Monday, 19 June 2017

You know Hibernate, you have been using it for years. But I bet you don’t know it as well as you think. You know how to do full-text and geospatial searches, you know how to implement a change audit process, persist in a NoSQL store, do faceting, cache reference data? Not everything? This presentation is for you. Come discover what’s new in Hibernate ORM 5 and in the other projects of the Hibernate family. After this talk, you will get a list of features to contemplate for your application and potentially new tools to use. We will also carve some time to reflect our Hibernate’s history and journey through Open Source and standardisation.

Emmanuel Bernard (RedHat)
Works for Red Hat as the data platform architect. Contributes to Hibernate ORM, Search, Validator and focuses on Hibernate OGM these days – all in open source of course. Got his hands on Infinispan and Debezium. On the non code side of the force, participates to the JCP (lead of Bean Validation and JPA EG member) Founder and co-host of Les Cast Codeurs and JBoss Community Asylum podcasts.