Globalizing your software - FOSSASIA 2016

Published on: Saturday, 9 April 2016

Speaker: Parag Ashok Nemade (Red Hat)

Talk of 20 minutes

Globalization is a collaborative work done by internationalizing, localizing your software. Most developers write software code but they used to forgot to internationalize their software. This talk will present what is mean by Globalization, why is it important. Then we will look at what Localization is and how to add internationalization in your code by showing some code examples. We will look into what translation platforms are available which is also important part of Globalization.

About Parag Ashok Nemade:

Parag Nemade is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. Parag has 10 years of experience in Open Source and Linux. He has worked on developing open source softwares related to Internationalization. He is an active contributor to Fedora project, sponsor for packager group, provenpackager, helped in improving Fedora packaging, testing Fedora updates. He is also currently working in Fedora Engineering Steering Committee. He has been working since many years helping new contributors to become Fedora packagers and existing contributors in reviewing their new packages in Fedora.

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