Getting all the 99.99(9) you always wanted by Mite Mitreski

Published on: Friday, 16 June 2017

Any software running on the internet has some expectations of uptime. Many having millions of users can have high availability expectation. While running an application looks like a simple task, constantly evolving software, ever-changing clients and various request peaks can sure cause some headache. This talk will be focusing on the downsides and lessons learned from running and developing high uptime system and show you how you could also get the 99.999… uptime. We will also do some showing of concrete examples in various technologies like Docker, AWS and Java.

Mite Mitreski (Klarna)
Mite Mitreski works on custom enterprise application development and consultancy with a primary focus on Java and JVM-based solutions. Currently, he works as an engineer in Klarna on simplifying the buying experience. In the past, he was involved in activities surrounding development groups in Macedonia where he was JUG Leader. Mite has a great passion for free and open source software, open data formats, and the open web. He is involved in the JCP in the expert group for JSR-374 and various other open source initiatives. At the moment he i is a community editor at Voxxed where he helps bring awesome content.