Friday Hacks #179 - Open Source - NUS Hackers

Published on: Monday, 16 September 2019

Talk #2: Open Source: What, Why and How

Open-source software is everywhere around us; from Linux to Mozilla Firefox and 7-Zip, in many cases, the preferred application for a task is open-source, and much of the Internet today runs on open-source software. We discuss briefly what exactly open-source means, why it is important for the field of computing as a whole and its close ties to hacker culture, and how you can get started both in contributing to open-source and also open-sourcing your own software. In theprocess, we will cover the differences between the major categories of open-source software licenses, as well as some of the philosophy behind open-source software and also free software.

Speaker Profile
Hao Wei is a computer science undergraduate, and an NUS Hackers coreteam member.

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