Friday Hacks #112 - Make your own LLVM compiler - NUS Hackers

Published on: Friday, 8 April 2016

Speaker: Omer Iqbal

Talk Description:

LLVM is a compiler infrastructure project, designed as a set of reusable libraries. From humble beginnings as a research project, it has recently gained much traction, thanks to Apple adopting it as their default compiler toolchain for iOS and Mac OS platforms.

At it's core, LLVM features an architecture independent, type safe, instruction set called "LLVM IR", which LLVM compiles to several instruction sets including x86/x86-64, ARM, Power PC etc. So in essence, if you're lazy and want to implement a multi platform programming language that runs "natively", LLVM saves you tons of time and effort.

This talk will go through implementing a very very simple compiler for a very very simple, toy programming language, using LLVM.

Speaker Profile

Omer is an NUS Hackers alumnus, currently working as an iOS Software Engineer at Garena. He also moonlights as a Functional Programming Evangelical, and is a little obsessed with writing useless, toy compilers.

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