Fear not, for the filesystem is with you - iOS Conf SG 2019

Published on: Sunday, 20 January 2019

Speaker: Jeffrey Bergier , mercari.com

iOS Developers are often afraid of the filesystem partly because we’ve been raised in an era of short-lived processes, JSON-driven user interfaces, and always-on cellular data connections. I intend to show that using Foundation API, its easy to use the filesystem to power lightweight view controllers, animated tableview updates, interprocess communication, and syncing without resorting to heavyweight solutions like Core Data and Realm.

About the Speaker

Jeffrey is an iOS Developer at Mercari in Tokyo. At university he studied industrial design and he was a UX designer for 4 years. He taught himself iOS development during that time. He tries to bring his design background into the design of his apps as well as the structure of his code.

Event URL: http://iosconf.sg/

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