Eyes are the windows to our souls - Agile Singapore Conference 2016

Published on: Monday, 17 October 2016

Eyes are the windows to our souls: how eye tracking aids UX in agile environments

Lynette Goh, UX Consultant @ Objective Experience
Ivonne Bojoh, Senior Vice President IT & Development @ GoBear

Often, user testing rely a lot on the Think Aloud method where users either verbalise what they are thinking while doing the usability test tasks (concurrent) or they describe their experiences after finishing the tasks (retrospective). Concurrent Think Aloud disrupts the natural cognitive process of using product/service, whereas Retrospective Think Aloud suffers from self-reporting issues such as reliance on fallible long term memory or fabricating of information.

The idea behind eye tracking is that our eye movements can be used to make inferences about our cognitive processes. When real-time eye tracking during a usability test can be viewed by stakeholders and team members, it facilitates quicker realisation of problems and decision-making. For the agile environment where time is precious, within one day, the team is able to have actionable insights.

GoBear is a web service startup that utilised eye tracking during their user testing. Hear from them with real examples on how they have used eye tracking for their design changes and the way they have fitted such a testing methodology into their agile roadmap.

About the speakers:

Lynette Goh
I work at Objective Experience, a customer/user experience consultancy that specializes in using eye tracking technologies to enhance user testing. My background is rooted in Psychology, but later diverged into the disciplines of human factors and human-computer interaction. I am committed to improving people's lives by improving the technologies that they use through understanding their histories, backgrounds, habits and extrapolating their behaviors. Years of research experience has taught me that although no one human is the same as the other with various environmental and societal influences, there are still 'universal' behaviors present.

Clients I've worked with are: Twitter, Abbott, DBS, Visa, Singtel, GoBear, Skyscanner, IDA, MOM, SingPools, Lowe-Profero, etc.

Ivonne Bojoh
Before moving to Singapore in 2014, Ivonne worked on international start-ups since 1996. The last four years in the Netherlands she headed up a leading mobile full-service agency: mobtzu. Whilst crafting mobile experiences with her team, she developed an in-depth knowledge in creating effective UX.

GoBear is her 5th start-up and she compares joining GoBear to her experience skydiving with her 73 year-old mother: an adrenaline rush, super exciting, something she could ‘jump’ right into, and a natural high with absolutely zero room for error.

Within GoBear Ivonne leads the overall product development and the UX LAB.

Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/player/0f005c6f94264f4faad61e485019472e?feature=oembed

Event Page: http://2016.agilesingapore.org

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