ExpEYES: Python Powered Open Source Pocket Science Lab - FOSSAsia 2015

Published on: Saturday, 14 March 2015

Speaker: Praveen Patil, ExpEYES

ExpEYES (Experiments for Young Engineers and Scientists) is an Open Hardware and Free Software framework for developing science experiments, classroom demonstrations and projects and is from the PHOENIX project of Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi. ExpEYES brings the ability to perform experiments with reasonable accuracy and opens up an entirely new path for learning science. It aims at providing thousands of students and young scientists with an open source, low-cost lab in their pocket. Design of ExpEYES combines the real-time measurement capability of microcontrollers with the ease and flexibility of Python programming language for data analysis and visualization. http://www.expeyes.in In the presentation I will be giving detailed information about how python can be used to easily communicate with the ExpEYES hardware. Also the fact
that Python made it so easy that even a beginner can write simple python code to fetch data from the interface to perform various experiments and plot it with very few lines of python. Flexibility of Python programming language has brought us close to our dream of providing children with the most affordable and easy to handle pocket science lab.

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