Designing for Word of Mouth - #14 Design that Scales - Design Bootcamp Asia

Published on: Friday, 1 December 2017

Speaker: Desmond Chua at Referral Candy

Naturally, people informally share experiences and make referrals all the time. Companies like Airbnb, Uber and Dropbox understand this, and have accelerated their growth with referrals. Yet, the potential of referrals is still largely untapped for a lot of businesses. Why is this so? What's less known about how people share? How do we design for word of mouth? Desmond will share insights, case studies and challenges from designing and marketing ReferralCandy, a solution that turbocharges referrals for businesses worldwide.

Speakers' Bio: 

Desmond Chua Desmond has a background in digital animation, and is currently a Product Designer at ReferralCandy - a leading automated referral programme solution for online retailers. He also co-founded and runs, a brand that specialises in mildly subversive and conversation-starting products with Singaporean flavour. During his free time, he practices parkour, and performs improv and stand-up comedy (Not all at the same time). Say hi to him when you spot him on a rooftop!


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Recorded By: Sebastiaan Deckers (@sebdeckers)

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