Deploying scalable Django application on AWS - PyConSG 2016

Published on: Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Speaker: Lalit Nama

This talk will help beginners and intermediate developers about how to deploy their application on AWS cloud. It will help to plan auto scalability to handle unpredictable load on server to ensure app are up and running all times. Setup of alerts to get notify when something goes wrong to take needed action.

If you ask a developer to deploy app on AWS it would make him think what to consider when going on AWS. This topic will help to know those things and the changes that are needed when planning to deploy on AWS with auto scalability. In this session you will be given a preview of how to make a Django app AWS ready and deploy it safely. Things I plan to cover: - Sample application: Start with a simple demo Django application. - AWS ready Django app: Things to consider when planning to deploy on AWS. - Use RDS: Use RDS MySQL database to use. - Use S3: Use S3 bucket for storage of user content. - Auto Scaling: Setup of auto sacling group to make your app scalable. - Setup Alerts: Setup CloudWatch monitoring to monitor AWS services to get notify when something goes wrong.

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