Deploying and Building WebThings by Mozilla #1 - JSConf.Asia 2019

Published on: Tuesday, 2 July 2019


Ryme Assaad @rymeassaad
Mel El Azzi @mel_z_

We will demonstrate Mozilla’s WebThings Gateway, an IoT framework to protect user privacy and security, and to improve cross-brand interoperability. We will also show how to develop and build your own custom "web things" out of microcontroller boards. We will demonstrate javascript examples using the Moddable SDK, then get “hands-on” using MicroBlocks.

Bring your laptop to participate in microcontroller programming using MicroBlocks and come to the workshop with MicroBlocks pre-installed. You can download the installer for your operating system and follow the setup instructions.

Ryme Assaad is cofounder & managing partner at Kapstone Co, myiolab and SEFY International
She was a TechWomen fellow 2018 and interned at Mozilla.
She is currently a TechSpeaker and working with the Mozilla Web of Things (WoT) community towards a decentralized Internet of Things with improved standards around security, privacy and interoperability.

Mel is a cybersecurity consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, cofounder at Myiolab and a hardware hacker. She has extensive experience in industrial cybersecurity and testing.
She won several awards, including the IoT-Leb hackathon (1st place), the Hack The Plan[e]t competition at Defcon 2018 (1st Runner Up), and the TechWomen 2018 Action Plan (implementing an IoT-based initiative)

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